ARME’s mission is to eliminate the suffering of animals through its various programs. ARME is proud of its’ missions below:

bfp_rectangularBEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT – Beagle Freedom Project rescues animals from laboratory experimentation. While its namesake suggests it only rescues beagles, BFP has expanded to rescue all breeds and animals from laboratories.

HUMANE ARME – ARME is in the process of creating a 501c(3) Humane Society & SPCA. HUMANE ARME will be dedicated to investigating and prosecuting those who harm animals in violation of the law.

ARME CPR is a 501c(4) dedicated to social policy and legislation that will advocate for changes that advance animal welfare.

This Is SanctuaryARME’s third full-length documentary. Sanctuary focuses on non-human primates in captivity. This is a story about the will to live. The story of innocent lives interrupted by tragedy, heroes and hope. Through a series of challenges each story touches us in a different way from torture, enslavement, deprivation, mutilation and eventually safety and happiness.