Woo hoo!

Petey – Duncanville, Texas: is a 27 pound, 1.5-year-old male Beagle/Terrier Mix. He is potty trained but can mark when he goes into a new home for the first few days, as expected. He does great with other dogs and LOVES to play. After he runs out of all of his puppy energy, he turns into a super cuddle bug and a great sleeper. Petey absolutely adores every person that he meets. However, he would probably do best in a home without a very dominant male dog. He is one of his foster’s few dogs who does not chew up blankets, towels or toys so he gets to have a blanket on his bed every night. He loves jumping and can get pretty high, but has not been able to climb any fences. He is VERY SMART and playful, and so much so, that he would probably chase cats so we think it is best that he is placed in a feline-free home.