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NEED A VALENTINE’S GIFT? What better than to give with your heart. All profits from the sale of these designer clothing items will go to ARME’s Dogs In The Dark campaign! (*sale ends Feb. 28th)

Featured Rescue

Darla the Nanny Dog

Her name is Darla aka Precious. Because that’s exactly what she is. When ARME president Shannon Keith was alerted that there was an emaciated, fearful pitbull roaming the streets of Glasgow Park, she instantly tried to help. Pitbulls, more often…


Chula’s Compass


Chula’s Compass is pointed to South Korea, where ARME’s Dogs In the Dark campaign to end the torture of dog & cat meat through rescues, outreach, media, and governmental intervention, continues.

This is the journey that is Chi Chi.

Chi Chi was born approximately two years ago with only one purpose in a country where dog meat is considered a delicacy, South Korea. She was born for her flesh to become a meal.

She was kept alive in immensely cruel conditions all while her body was being prepped to one day be considered ready for slaughter and sold into the dog meat trade.

During this time her flesh was believed to become more tender, by binding her legs together and hanging her upside down while being tortured day in and day out. All this was done in darkness. She was beaten and felt nothing but extreme pain and terror. She was hung by her legs for so long and so tight that the binding starting entering her flesh. Her legs became so badly infected that her flesh rotted off her bones. At which she was no longer of use as “meat,” because her “meat” had been rotting, and therefore she was thrown away in a trash bag and left to die.

Her spirit must have surely been broken, and all hope lost.

Then she was saved.

Follow Chi Chi’s journey as she symbolically stands up for the rights of all dogs tortured and killed in the dog meat trade.


Rescue #1 China

DOGS IN THE DARK #DogsInTheDark Chula’s Compass is pointed to China, where ARME has begun a campaign to end the torture of animals used for dog and cat meat. CHINA Rescue #1 – December 2015 ARME assisted in the rescue…



This Is SanctuaryARME’s third full-length documentary. Sanctuary focuses on non-human primates in captivity. This is a story about the will to live. The story of innocent lives interrupted by tragedy, heroes and hope. Through a series of challenges each story touches us in a different way from torture, enslavement, deprivation, mutilation and eventually safety and happiness.

Celebrities Support A Good Cause

Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and Shannon Keith, founder of ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) have partnered to bring awareness to the dog meat issue plaguing China, South Korea, Thailand and the United States.…


Treats and Toys for Shelter Animals

ARME passed out treats and toys for shelter animals at the West Valley Shelter. Kids from ARME sort treats and toys to distribute to shelter animals at the West Valley Animal Shelter Monday, December 7, 2015. Animal Rescue, Media and…


11 Dogs Rescued From the Meat Trade Finally Get the Love They Deserve!

Alright, I know this might sounds a wee bit crazy to most hoomans – but in some parts of the world, people don’t think of dogs like dogs, as in the fluffy loving animals that share their homes, they think…


Overseas Tortured Dog Rescue (拯救海外受虐狗)

Animal rescue organizations and many other dog lovers have collaborated to rescue dogs from China Yulin dog meat festival as well as South Korean’s dog meat consumption culture in recent years. Yesterday 8 rescued dogs were flown to Los Angeles…