Got A Second?


Chula’s Compass is pointed to the USA, where ARME’s Got A Second? campaign encourages the adoption of a second dog from a shelter or rescue group.

ARME’s “Got A Second?” campaign encourages the adoption of a second dog from a shelter.

Many of us enjoy the love of a companion dog. They are our best friends, our couch snugglers, our exercise partners and more. But what some don’t realize is that most dogs enjoy the companionship of another companion dog. We have seen this first hand when our adopters introduced a second dog into their family.

That’s why ARME wants to help! We will pay for the pull fee of any dog from a high kill shelter as your second dog.*

Our staff of experts are here to assist you with any questions about bringing a second dog into your home and how we can assist with you rescue fees.

Email us at:

(*conditions apply)

Got A Second? Meet Boots & Bogart

Enjoy Luna’s story!

Featured Animal


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Andy is very curious but he prefers to watch from a distance at first. He loves food and toys with bells. Even when he’s feeling more shy, he can’t resist a good bell toy or a snack. He likes to…



Billie is a very curious and rambunctious boy. He wants to watch everything you’re doing. He is the most confident of the 3 brothers and is always the first one to greet you. He loves his catnip toys and sleeps…



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